picture of TOURMALET board

TOURMALET (ASIC) Product Details


• VELO2 Small Message Engine
• RMA2 Engine
• Virtualized Device
• Collective Operation Offload
• Lossless Fabric
• Switchless Design
• Arbitrary Topologies (6 links)
  (+ 1 link for accelarator access)
• SMFU shared memory support

SW Support

• MPI Support (OpenMPI 1.6x), 
  Low Level API access,
  Open Source

OS Support

• Linux, Kernel > 2.6.30

 Link Ports

• 7 Ports with up to 100 Gb/s per direction
  for a total of 1.4 Tb/s
• Switching capacity 1.75Tb/s

 Link Connector

• Samtec HDI6


 • TSMC 65nm GP+ process
 • 270 Mill. transistors
• BGA 1763 packages

 Host Interface

• x16 PCI Express 3.0 (+ root port)


• Yes

 Part Number

• EX-TO001R2A-01






















Here you can have a look into the EXTOLL TOURMALET brochure!



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