Remote Evaluation Systems

EXTOLL has created a disruptive interconnect technology with the TOURMALET ASIC being its currently available manifestation. The EXTOLL technology is highly performant and offers a variety of features that are unique in interconnect technology and are specially dedicated to high-performance computing like, e.g., network attached accelerators enabling hostless nodes. As a direct network, there is no need for central switches. We understand that commercial customers want to get familiar with this new technology and may want to verify the performance data for their specific MPI based applications.

To this end, we are more than happy to provide remote-access to benchmark and test centers: Just apply for an account and experience the performance boost EXTOLL provides to our applications!

Register here for Remote Evaluation: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Evaluation Systems at our partners

- Megware:  4 node system, 3D Torus, Intel Xeon E5-2650V3

- Dell:  8 node system, Intel CPUs E5-2680v4

- CTT: 8 node system, Supermicro, Intel CPUs E5-2600

More to come, stay tuned!