World's most dense cooling cabinet: GreenICE!

picture of GreenICE

GreenICE Product Details

• Green architecture: Optimized to save energy in cooling infrastructure
• Immersion Cooled Electronics (ICE) using 3M Novec 649
• Extremely efficient heat transfer using phase change from liquid to vapor
   Hot water cooling loop, inlet 35°C and outlet temperature of 50°C
   Easy heat transfer to environment using passive cooler
   No fans and no pump in chassis → no noise, no moving parts
   Only one pump required for external water

Hostless accelerator architecture (Booster concept of DEEP Project)
• 3D Torus interconnected Booster Nodes
• One Booster Node consists of:
   EXTOLL’s low latency PCIe board (TOURMALET) for the interconnect
   Intel’s Xeon Phi 7120D many core for accelerated processing
• 32 Xeon Phi with 38.4 TFLOPs computing performance
• 32 Tourmalet ASICs with an aggregated bandwidth of 1.6 TByte/s


For more information please have a look into the GreenICE brochures (cooperation with 3M)!

GreenICE brochure (English version)

GreenICE brochure (German version)


If you want to have more information about the GreenICE Cooperation, please have a look here:

GreenICE Cooperation brochure (English version)