GALIBIER brings EXTOLL technology together with the ubiquity of PCIe. On the network side it offers four links and naturally supports 2D topologies like meshes and tori.

picture of Galibier board


GALIBIER (FPGA) Product Details


• VELO2 Small Message Engine
• RMA2 Engine
• Virtualized Device
• Collective Operation Offload
• Lossless Fabric
• Switchless Design
• Arbitrary Topologies (with up to 4 links)

 Software Support

• MPI Support (Open MPI 1.4.x)
• Low-Level API access,
• Open Source

 Operating System Support

• Linux: Kernel > 2.6.30

 Link Ports

• 4 Ports with 16Gb/s per direction
  Link Connector     
• Samtec HDI6


• Xilinx Virtex6 LXT Series (XC6VLX240T)

 Host Interface

8-lane PCI Express 2.0 5 GT/s 4 GByte/s

 RoHS Compliant

• Yes

 Part Number

• EX-GA007PV6B-01



















Supported Systems

Galibier can be used in a variety of mainboards as it only requires an available PCIe x8 slot.


no more available