From TOURMALET to Fabri³, our novel Network Fabric

The idea of Fabri³ is to dis-aggregate the network from the servers and connect each server via PCIe cables to the Fabri³. Up to 64 servers can be attached to Fabri³ using our ultra dense connectors with high performance twinax cables. This makes the server connection independent of the server's PCIe slot form factor. The compact switch design of Fabri³ saves space within a rack and the user can connect any type of servers, pizza boxes or blade types. A reasonable part of the 3D torus interconnect is kept internal within the Fabri³ and this substantially reduces cabling effort.

Fabri³ Logo


Artwork of Fabri³

Fabri³ Features

• compact rack-level interconnection
• reduced cabling effort
• independent of node power
• separate management processors

Switch capacity:
→ aggregated host bandwidth:
     64×128 Gbits/s = 8.2 Tbit/s
→ inter fabric bandwidth 14.4 Tbit/s