Active Optical Cable (AOC)

HD-AOC, the first active optical cable based on Samtecs HDI6 connector and an innovative integrated fiber coupling technology, extends Extoll maximum cable length from 2 m to up to 100 m. It offers all advantages of AOCs such as:
small cable size, low weight, very high speed and high power efficiency.

AOC Product Details


• Very high density solution
• Length from 2m to 100m
• 12 bidirectional lanes
• 24 OM3 fibers
• Up to 10 Gbit/s per lane
• 850nm VCSEL technology


• 120 Gb/s (full-duplex)


• 2 W @ 3.3V


• < 20 ns @ 5 m cable length


• Samtec HDI6

 RoHS Compliant

• Yes

 Part Number

• EX-AO016S12A-01
















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